Email prospecting is on the rise.  And it has a bad rap because we are inundated with spam emails to collect money from long-lost relatives in Syria, send money to save the orphans, save money on designer watches (I just counted 31 “designer watch” emails in my Junk Folder).  So if you want to use Email as part of your prospecting approach, how do you make it stand out from the junk?

Kendra Lee offers great tips on writing a compelling Subject Line.  One tip:

If you’re attempting to secure an appointment or invite a prospect to a web event, try:

  • Shall we meet Tuesday?
  • Can you talk Wednesday at 2pm?
  • Can you attend Friday at 12?

What makes this work when the contact doesn’t know you? It feels personal to him.

Read the rest of the article Create Email Subject Lines that Draw People In for more tips.

I paused to think of whether Kendra’s tips would get me to open the message if they arrived in my InBox.  (Really they would end up in my Junk Folder 🙂  And the answer is YES. I never delete the entire Junk Folder without skimming the subject lines.  I do think these types of Subject Lines would catch my attention….before I hit Delete!

What types of emails will you open if you don’t know the sender?