Months ago I was interviewed for a potential article about effective sales meeting practices.  Both Alice Kemper and I were on a joint call firing off ideas to the reporter and we had no idea what would work for him…learning in round

Now that the article is published here in the Insurance and Financial Management magazine you can read all the wisdom we shared. Heck, I even gave away my signature ‘how to ensure people pay attention’ tip!  Play doh and chenille sticks are powerful focus-generators!

If you are planning a meeting and want it to be interactive, engaging and productive, the tips in the article offer some sound advice.  my favorites:

  1. Break large groups into smaller groups where conversations can happen.
  2. Make time for networking/socializing for Type A sales pros.
  3. Use audiovisual equipment effectively to engage and educate – not as your presentation notes!
  4. Only share relevant and timely  information.
  5. Your room set up and the ambiance matters! Plan for it.
  6. Make sure there are ‘how tos’ shared and not just information dumps.

You’ll need to read the rest of the article to get the rest of the tidbits.

The article is a great reminder that planning effective sales training meetings takes effort and energy!  That’s why we did develop the Sharpenz sales training kits. The Guide and specific topic outlines and copy-ready handouts are to ensure you ALWAYS deliver effective sales training meetings.