Creating content…friend or foe?

For anyone focused on spreading a message, educating potential prospects, and wanting to build their brand, content is both!

Sometimes it’s a chore.

AND sometimes it’s exhilarating and reminds me why I make the time to share information, observations, and resources.

I recently enjoyed my time as a guest on two financial advisor podcasts and realized: THIS is content creation too.

So, without further ado, I suggest you have a listen in…

The Military to Financial Planner podcast with Daniel Kopp, MA, MS, CFP





I met Daniel several years ago and my admiration for him has grown year after year. Why? He lives and breathes his mission to serve widows and widowers in his own financial planning work AND the help he provides to military members who have, or will, transition out of the military and become financial advisors.

We had a short conversation about sales, specifically:

  • How to make conversations with prospects productive for them and you
  • Why collaboration is important
  • A framework that adds efficiency, but more importantly connection to your interactions

Listen here.

The Human Side of Money podcast with Brendan Frazier

I also had a conversation with Brendan Frazier, whom I’ve watched from afar and am so glad to now KNOW! His message about the “Human Side of Money” is needed. It’s obvious he’s a student of behaviors and people as I am.

We had a LOT to talk about…and something prompted me to even break into a silly song at one point.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How “anti-sales” mindsets get in the way of helping more people
  • Why ghosting happens and how to address that
  • “Rightsizing” everything to make it about them

You can find the podcast here



I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I did.


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