Ready for a powerful and productive work week?  Sometimes on Monday mornings it is hard to get out of  the weekend mode. Especially if the weather was wonderful and you spent the whole weekend outside.  Now it’s like ‘What? Oh yes, work.”

So, I’m taking the approach I took   the yard work  to ‘dig in’ to the work week.digging

  1. First, the LIST. I took my first 20 minutes to review last week’s status and make my list for this week – not just a To Do list, I put an ‘outcome’ list together followed by the actions.
  2. Cleared my work place – getting rid of stuff on my desk is freeing – and gives me a clean slate to start.
  3. Tools – I had some tech issues last week – first outcome needed this week is that they are operational to support what I need to get done!
  4. Action – I’m already done with two items and this blog post is my third!  It feels good to have progress so early and I’m going to keep moving along!

Whether you are seeing this message early in the day or not – it IS early in the week. Making the time to DIG IN now allows you to advance your success during the week and get OUT for some free time next weekend.