Ever notice how your ongoing ‘check in’ calls seem to go no where?  Or the “I’m following up to see if you made a decision.” Seems flat?

Well, Alice Kemper at Sales Training Consultants, takes a different approach!  She uses creativity to give them a WOW reminder.  The picture shows her latest effort.  A health care prospect is considering using the Sharpenz sales workshops for their team.  Alice knows she has competition and has strategically decided to have this First Aid kit arrive the day of the competitor’s presentation!  stc first aid kid

If history is any indication Alice will seal the deal with this clever way of staying top of mind – and reminding the prospect of the value she will bring.

What accounts do you have ‘stuck’ in the pipeline? How important is it to move them forward? Might it be worth a $10-15 creative approach to get back in front of them and move the sale to a close?

And let’s share – what ideas have you used to get the attention of a stalled sale?

p.s. I’m a weather information junkie. I was THRILLED to see that in Wisconsin today – our ‘lenght of day’ is 12 HOURS!  Yahoo!  That, combined with the crocuses blooming yesterday and 62 degrees temps has me feverish with spring!!!