If you’re selling to others the way that you want to buy – stop it! The way you want to buy doesn’t matter. It’s about how THEY want and need to buy.

Strong statement for sure. But that should be the key message that you’ve taken away from this series, Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections. Our ability to adapt to the way a prospective client wants to be sold to, how they need information, and when they need it, is crucial to make it easy for them to make a confident decision to work with you.

That’s what the Tribal Types® communication model does for you. It helps YOU make it easy for THEM!

Tribal Types®: A Look Back and a Way Forward

This entire series has introduced you to the strategies of the buyer Tribal Types® and the customs or ways that people, whether you call them prospects, leads, or buyers, approach a sales conversation and a sales interaction. Your ability to get the person the information in the way they want it and when they want it is key to converting them into a client.

The previous posts shared the overall Tribal Types® model and customs, and explained the four buyer Tribes.

What will you do with this information?

My hope is that you will use this insight to prepare for every conversation. Prepare to lead and guide the information exchange that person needs. Be present in that neutral zone where you can identify and then adapt to the three important clues for buyer Tribes:

  • Pace
  • Word Choice
  • Level of Personal Connection

After that initial connection you can become more nuanced and provide more of the customs that will help each buyer Tribe make a confident decision to work with you. It will take mental effort to do this, but the payoff is going to be well worth it. In fact, many people tell me that it’s almost like magic when they find themselves communicating in a way that’s helpful for that buyer because everything becomes easier.

Your Free Tribal Types® Tool and A Final Thought

I have an offer for you. If you would like the Tribal Types® Tool, which allows you to easily click and on the many descriptors you’ve observed and automatically calculate the results, please send me a personal email to: Nancy@salesproinsider.com and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

Let me leave you with this: How you want to buy and what you need when you’re making a buying decision, doesn’t matter. Stop focusing on the Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated. Instead treat others how they want to be treated, how they need to be treated, and how they need to be communicated with. That’s how you’ll convert more easily and consistently.


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