You may hear these questions in your sales conversations:

  • Why is that?
  • What does the research show?

These are two questions a buyer who is in the Commander Tribal Type may ask during your sales interactions. And they are the focus for this installment of the series: Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections.

This is your introduction to the Commander Tribe, including the descriptors, clues to look and listen for, and tips for selling with them.

Introducing the Commander Buying Tribal Type

Tribal Types® is our communication model to quickly identify the customs and needs of people. Why? So we can adapt and provide them what they need, when they need it, and how they need it to make quick and confident decisions to work together.

Let’s look at the key descriptors for this buyer Tribe. Commanders:

  • Are organized, logical, process-driven, and analytical
  • Are very detailed themselves and want details from others
  • Like the proof behind the data — we call it the primary source — for different research or information that you’re sharing
  • Want the facts more than the “color” for stories and examples
  • Like to command or direct the process versus being led by somebody else
  • Need to be right
  • Are going to like to know the how-to for something that’s getting done

Clues to the Buyer Tribal Type: Commanders

With those descriptors, what are the quick clues for pace, word choice, and level of personal connection?

Watch for these Clues for Commanders:

  • A measured pace, not too fast or too slow
  • Taking the time to get the information and the process aligned before making a decision to do something.
  • No need for a personal connection with you initially. Will also not want to divulge personal information about themselves unless it’s specific to the topic that you’re focused on with them.
  • In writing, they provide thorough and complete information. They won’t use exclamation marks but will include details and specifics, and they will expect that back from you as well.
  • Words used include analyze, results, research, data, and logic
  • A need for completeness. They will not want anything to be missed. If there is an error, they are going to correct you on it, and they’re going to look for you to accept responsibility and let them know that it’s fixed for the future

Ready for some tips?

Selling Strategies and Tips for the Commander Buyer Tribal Type

Now, the strategies, tips, and adjustments you can make to help them make confident decisions:

  • Be prepared and organized
  • Follow through on anything that you’ve committed to…sooner than the deadline, if possible
  • Be on time or early for any scheduled interaction
  • Be thorough
  • Use “thinking” words in your speech
  • If you’re going to share a story, call it an example, and make sure that you have plenty of facts within that example to share with them
  • Share your agenda in advance and then reconfirm it at the start of your conversation to give them opportunity to add or clarify as you start the conversation
  • Get to a shared objective early in the conversation. Remember, they’re going to have input and that might affect the amount of time you need or the structure or order of the topics that you’re going to cover
  • Let them lead the conversation to start, and with your preparation be prepared to fill in the rest of the information or process as needed to get to the end outcome

These Commander customs will help you make the right connection with them to provide the information they need, in the way they need it. And that’s going to earn their trust and confidence in you. Then you can build on that relationship in the future.

Look for the next installment in this series where I will introduce you to the Reflector buyer Tribal Type.


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