Meet the Achiever Buying Tribe:

  • How soon?
  • What’s the net or result of this?

Those are two questions you might hear from the Achiever Tribal Type during your sales conversations. And an introduction to this Achiever Tribe is the focus for this installment of the series: Convert Consistently with Customs and Connections.

Introducing the Achiever Buying Tribal Type

Why do we need to understand the buyer Tribal Types®? Because Tribal Types® is the communication model that allows us to use advisor communication best practices during each interaction to identify and adapt to the specific customs or needs of that person. And that allows us to help them confidently and quickly make that decision to work with us.

Let’s meet the Achiever! Following are the descriptors, clues to look for, and tips for selling with them.

Achiever buyers are:

  • Risk takers
  • Fast
  • Action oriented
  • Not going to pay attention to details either in what they tell you or in what they expect from you
  • Impulsive, who will often risk making fast decisions when they have the information they need
  • Want to get things going very quickly
  • Like action for themselves and for other people
  • Value people who can get things done
  • Have a fear of not being respected for what they’ve achieved
  • Also fear wasting time

Now with those descriptors, here are the clues that you can easily look for and then adapt to regarding their:

  • Pace
  • Word choice
  • Level of personal connection

Clues to the Buyer Tribal Type: Achiever

Pay attention and you will find that they are:

  • Very fast paced – in actions and words
  • Fidgety
  • Use “thinking” versus “feeling” words
  • In writing they give bulleted statements more than full sentences and paragraphs. They won’t often have a lot of the niceties or formalities included. They’re only going to share information they think is needed.
  • On the other hand, some Achievers will put a lot of information in an email because they want to get you that information in advance and they’ll expect that you will have read it, digested it, and that they won’t have to repeat it again.

Ready for some tips?

Selling Strategies and Tips for the Achiever Buyer Tribal Type

Now, the strategies, tips, and adjustments you can make to work more comfortably and productively with Achievers:

  • Always ask or confirm time available. Even if you have 30 minutes scheduled you might find that when you ask them, they’ll say, “Oh if we could get it done in 20 that would be great.”
  • Be on time — or early — yourself as they’ll often show up right on time or maybe even a little late, and you need to be there when they are.
  • Be ready to go
  • Focus on getting something done for them. If you can take care of paperwork or any of the details that they don’t have to, they’re going to appreciate that.
  • Be prepared for the next step. They might make a decision faster than you think and your readiness with specific next steps will ensure the opportunity moves forward.
  • At the end of every conversation, clearly identify who is doing what by when. With Achievers you don’t want them to have assumptions that you’re taking care of something that you really need them to do instead.
  • If you need them to slow down at any point, give them the Why for that item. Why do you need them to give you more details? What’s in it for them? What’s the benefit to them?
  • Use achieving type words in your questions and explanations. Words and phrases such as: results, quick, bottom line, getting it done, and getting ahead of something or someone. (They really like to be first in on things and stand at the top of the leaderboard in whatever way is possible.)

And that is your introduction with selling strategies for the Achiever Buyer Tribal Type.

But let me leave you with one final tip for you to be of most value to them:

Align yourself with them as somebody who gets things done and who will save them time and effort. When you do that, they are going to find value in you and they’re going to give referrals.

Look for the next installment where I’ll introduce you to the Commander Tribal Type.


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