When is the last time you had a real conversation? You know the one where you and the other person (them) both engaged and contributed to the discussion?

conversationUnfortunately, conversations are becoming rare in business! Instead, we zip off emails, IMs (gasp!), and voice messages to and at each other.

And what happens?

I’m convinced that we:

  • add inefficiencies to our work days by not conversing more often
  • complicate and prolong our sales process
  • are complacent with our customer or client relationships leading to result

Do these outcomes serve you well?

I doubt it.

They may temporarily address the topic or situation but they do not accomplish it with the opportunity to strengthen the relationship, the potential for more sales, and allow you to feel really good about your work.

When we don’t converse, we can only work with what we have: Words.

Words that can be misunderstood.

Words that cannot fully communicate the emotions, motivations, energy, and passion that can help us sell and serve more completely!

Words are what recently complicated a client relationships  This client is an emailer. They email. I respond.  It dragged out the ordering of their training materials just long enough that expedited shipping was needed.

Of course they aren’t happy about the higher shipping costs. And I feel bad.

If we would’ve had a 3 minute conversation it would have saved $200. Talk about inefficiency and a waste of resources.

Think about how conversing with the person on the telephone, face-to-face, or Skype eliminates inefficiencies and misunderstanding. You:

  • hear the nuances that can help you solve their problems, capture opportunities, and address their wants and needs.
  • can communicate more fully to educate them on your product or service.
  • can collaborate with them and work through concerns more easily.
  • gain the commitment or decision you need more easily.
  • build the relationship and probability for more sales and loyalty.

You see we can win sales without conversations. But when we do converse, we win bigger and more complete sales and we build the relationship to make it more productive for today and tomorrow.

What do you think? Do conversations take more time, energy, and resources? Or save them?

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