For many years I have subscribed to an ezine by Chris Clarke-Epstein. I heard her speak at an ASTD conference in 2004 and appreciate her weekly musings on change.

Yes change. Her business is focused on helping us embrace change in many ways. This week her very short tip included this quote:

Change is inevitable; growth is optional!

How true it is! The quote is attributed to John C Maxwell, internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author.

Think about it . . .

In the past 5 years, there has been a lot of change in the business world. The recession was not planned for, the loss of jobs for many was not planned for, most of us did not plan for taking on more responsibilities or work to keep the job we  have, and so on.

And during these years many people have not only survived, they have thrived! And others have stepped backward or shriveled. What’s the difference?

Those that have survived have found ways to grow during this time. The growth has included:

  • Finding more efficient ways of doing things
  • Building a skill, or skills, to operate in the changing market
  • Adopting the mindset that moving forward is the only option (looking back too much just gives you whiplash)
  • Building new relationships and networks 

So I ask you, What change have you faced that was inevitable and how have you grown to embrace that change?