Calling All Heroes

With the success of the Marvel movies this year, it seems heroes are “in” – I suppose they weren’t ever really out…but there is heightened excitement around superheroes!

In your role as an “expert” – whether as a financial advisor, an accountant, an attorney, a lender, an industrial supply salesperson, or a software solutions consultant– what does it take to be a hero to your clients or customers?

How to Be a Sales Hero

Well according to research completed in 2018, buyers want a hero who provides a “buying” experience that has or does the following:

  1. Relevance – the info that is timely & relevant to them
  2. Allows them to participate!
  3. Has you leading the way with transparency
  4. Let’s them they matter
  5. Includes a high Say/Do ratio — What you say is what you do!
  6. Leads to a solution to a problem, capturing an opportunity, or addressing a want or need

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

How to Avoid Being a Sales Villain

Yet what gets in the way of you being the hero?

  1. Providing too much information that is not relevant to them because you didn’t first learn enough about them to connect the details for them
  2. More talking than listening
  3. A focus on your solution more than on them personally and how your solution affects them
  4. Promises without follow through
  5. A solution that may work, but wasn’t easy for them to understand how and why

Be the Hero THEY Need

To ensure that you’re a hero and not a sales villain – approach your sales conversations with a focus on What’s in it for Them?…from your preparation to the close – if you connect your questions, your explanations, and your solution in a way that illuminates the benefits and value…you’ll be the hero that helps them get just what they need in a timely way instead of letting them get stuck in the status quo.



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