Have you been to a holiday party yet this year?  No doubt when you do, you will find all kinds of interesting ‘people watching’.  To make sure you aren’t one who is talked about for months afterward, today’s post offers some advice on keeping your professional image at a holiday party.   officeparty

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Guest Post by Lynn Zimmer of Sales Pro Insider, Inc.

The holiday season has started and many holiday gatherings have begun.

Whether it is your company or a client hosted event, holiday events provide an added opportunity to strengthen your relationships and to network with other members within the organization.

View this as an opportunity to have the majority of your decision makers in one place at one time.  With that said, remember that moderation is the key to your success at these events.

According to business etiquette expert, Hilda Klinkenberg, the cardinal rule during the holiday season is to remember that no matter how festive the occasion, it’s still about business.

Here are some ideas to help ensure an enjoyable event:

  1. Hold drinks or small plates of food in your left hand, so when you shake hands, your hand isn’t wet or cold.
  2. Mingle; introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
  3. Visit with multiple individuals, being careful not to “monopolize” one individual’s time.
  4. Talk business at holiday events, but don’t “talk shop.”
  5. Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  6. Before you leave, find your host and thank them for the invitation.
  7. If you make any verbal commitments to people you have visited with, write them down when you leave, so that you remember to follow-up.

Success is simple.  Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.

Arnold H. Glasglow

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Thanks Lynn – good tips for all of us to keep in mind.  Personally, I have seen #5 abused so many times, I’m not sure what is appropriate these days!

How about the rest of you?  What are more tips?  And how about your most intersting people watching at a business holiday function?