What a question. A very brave question to ask yourself.

And here’s a few more questions to reflect on:

  • What’s in the way of you having the level of success that you want?
  • What stands in the way of you working with the people who you want to serve?
  • What stands in the way of you earning the income necessary for yourself and your family?
  • What’s standing in the way of you feeling good about all the work that you’re doing?

Well, in looking at these “blocks,” and from our experience, it could be you.

Success – However You Define It

To be successful in any endeavor, whether that be business, finance, technical sales, sports, music, teaching, or anything else – there are two key factors that successful people have…

But first, a brief tangent about success: “Success” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “the best of…” or that you “have the most of…” No, it’s the level of success that you defined is important to you that we’re talking about.

The Two Factors Successful People Share

So what are the two crucial factors that successful people share? Skill and Will®.

Time and again, we see that the very top performers are those who have both the Skill and the Will.

How Skill Contributes to Success

The Skill factor is the know-how, ability, and expertise to perform whatever you need to, whether it be running spreadsheets and making financial decisions, or running plays on the field with team members. Skill can be learned, improved, and practiced.

How Will Contributes to Success

Then there’s the Will factor. Will is the internal drive that multiplies, magnifies, and accentuates your Skill.

The Will is made-up of several components:

  • Belief in yourself and your abilities
  • Belief in the value of what you bring to the table
  • Clarity and transparency around goals
  • Emotional intelligence and not letting your emotions get in the way of what needs to be done,
  • Initiative and the energy, effort, and activity that you put forth to be successful

Will Magnifies Skill

The key point here: Will magnifies Skill. Your Will determines if you’re showing up with the grit and determination you need to get the job done, if you’re putting in the effort necessary and getting past the mental blocks that might be standing in your way.

Now where do you want to be in terms of income, clients, happiness, your business?

Will is where you need to begin in getting there.

Start by looking inward, and then make a plan to strengthen whatever is in the way.

Then you’ll have the energy and motivation to develop the Skill, processes, and other tangible factors for success.

So, what’s standing in the way of your success? It could be you.

And that’s good news because you’re the one who can fix that.


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