For most people it is hard to see a full picture of what the personally do well and the areas we don’t.  We plug along doing the same thing day in and day out.  We are ‘blind’ to what really helps us … and what is hurting our results.

How to change that?  Well, if you are reading this post, you are already looking for sales tips and ideas to be more effective – give yourself a pat on the back!  To take it further, ask those who see you at work for feedback.  Prepare 2-3 questions on specific areas and broader feedback to help them give you meaningful information.

Questions such as:

  • When we worked together on the ABC prospect, from your viewpoint, what did I do to help move that sale along?  What did I do that maybe challenged it?
  • From your observations of working with me, what are the activities that you see hold me back from being more successful?
  • What do you think I do well?

golden spotsAsk for balanced information and be prepared with follow-up questions to get to the ‘real’ feedback (just like in a sales call where you have to ask for more than the first response).

If you have a sales manager, they are a good source. But don’t stop there, your colleagues and customers – even administrative support – might be able to help you shine the light on those blind spots and turn them into ‘gold’.  Once you know what works and doesn’t – you can address them!

What other questions can you ask to find the blind spots?