Let’s talk about trust.

Trust is an intangible, and crucially important, aspect of any buying and selling relationship. Why is it so important? Because trust is what allows a prospective client to feel comfortable moving forward in working with you.

The Buyer and Seller in Financial Relationships

If you’re in a financial service role, you may think that “buying and selling” doesn’t apply to you; however, there is still a “buyer” and a “seller” in the transaction of them agreeing to become your client.

Of course, with people, the “transaction” should be focused on the conversation or information-exchange that provides prospects with the resources they need to make a decision to work with you or not.

And it’s that interaction where things may get more challenging. Why? Because most prospects go into these well-meaning conversations with at least an element of “buyer beware” in their minds.

Beware of what? There is no shortage of messages portraying financial people as untrustworthy. Maybe it’s something from their own previous experiences or something they’ve picked up on from the news, TV, or movies.

The Bernie Madoff Effect

For years, advisors have been working against that negative characterization to  build a trustworthy reputation.

And now the Bernie Madoff documentary is on demand and distrust in the industry is back in people’s minds.

It’s so frustrating since he was charged back in 2008 and the trial has been done for over a decade. Yet many people are watching the documentary, or just hearing about it, and saying to themselves, “Wow, I’ve got to be really careful with my finances, with my money.”

You Can Change the Atmosphere of Distrust One Conversation at a Time

So, how can you change that attitude of suspicion and work on improving the negative connotation around being a financial advisor or planner? By changing the dynamic from the very beginning of the interaction.

Let the prospect know that you are going to be their guide in the process of gathering the information they need to determine what’s most important to them to make a decision. Whether that decision is to work with you, work with another advisor, or do nothing, the decision is their first step in getting what they need.

Let prospects know from the beginning that you’re not there to sell them a specific solution or manipulate them. You can help them put their guard down, especially if your actions align with your words.  

Right now, thanks to the current increase of distrust for the industry, YOU get to make a difference with every conversation you have.

Every interaction is your opportunity to show prospects and clients that you are trustworthy. Show that you are focused on them and helping them make a decision that’s in their best interest.


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