Today is a happy day for many parents in my area…the first day of the school year!  It seems a long time ago when we were all singing School’s Out for Summer (this might be an age thing), the song by Alice Cooper that celebrates summer and “no more pencils, books or teachers’ dirty looks.”

And though the school’s out mindset works for students in traditional schools, what about us professionals?  Is school ever OUT for us?    back to school

Would love your comments…is “school” or learning about how to do things more effectively, information that helps our customers, information about our customers, technology, etc. ever done?  In what ways do you keep yourself IN school?

We could rephrase the song title to “Schools in Forever” (compliments of Maggi Franks of Harper College for Businesses).

p.s. Feel like rocking to Alice Cooper?  A You Tube version of the song is here.