It’s the first full week of the year for many people.  And judging by the number of downloads of the Sales Pro Insider Timely Tips to Achieve Your Goals eBook last week, many of you are starting 2011 with goal setting!


Clarifying your goals is one action to achieve what YOU want or need this year.  I often write about goals – and goal setting is a component of every training seminar I facilitate – that is how important it is.  And if the common or more transparent reasons for goal setting are not enough for you, there is newer research on the health benefits!

The most common benefits of having written, specific goals are:

  • Focus
  • Saving time and energy
  • Allowing you to achieve more

And the health benefits?  Dr. Boyle’s research found that people with a purpose and plan are 30% less likely to develop Alzheimers’!

happy old person“It can be anything — from wanting to accomplish a goal in life, to achieving something in a volunteer organization, to as little as reading a series of books,” said Dr. Patricia Boyle.

“What this is saying is, if you find purpose in life, if you find your life is meaningful and if you have goal-directed behavior, you are likely to live longer,” she said.

I’ve long noticed a difference in people with purpose and for the analytics out there, now there is proof of the benefits!

Ready to make some time to define goals and outcomes for yourself? Click here to get your very own copy of  the Timely Tips to Achieve Your Goals eBook – in 45 minutes YOU can begin to plan your year and a healthier life!


p.s. I was in line at a checkout this morning, and the woman in front of me overpaid $1 in cash, when the clerk returned the dollar, the woman said, “Well, I guess I don’t get out enough anymore…I’m nearly 95 years old, you know.”  Here was a woman, on her own, making purchases, seemingly happy and in a great mood – wonder what her purpose of life has been!

Source: Patricia Boyle, Ph.D., neuropsychologist, Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and assistant professor, behavioral sciences, Rush University Medical Center