blue-question-markAt the end of each year many Top 10 lists are published.  This Top 10 List is different.  It is the Top 10 Questions you should ask yourself (and answer) to set up for a more productive, healthy and happy 2009.

Planning and goal setting are two ongoing challenges and suggestions I often make.  Answering the following questions will reveal how effective your planning (and execution) was this year.

  1. What are the successes I am most proud of?
  2. What have I done to celebrate these successes?
  3. What people do I surround myself with? or Who have I met this year that has impacted me in some way?
  4. What goals, that were important to me, did I not reach?  Why?
  5. Considering the development opportunities available to me this year, how have I applied what I learned?
  6. What written content did I read?  What did I do with the information from the reading?
  7. What person have I taken time to develop/coach?  or Who is better off now because of my relationship with them this past year?
  8. What actions have I taken to better my life in some way?
  9. What strengths do I possess that I can use at a higher level next year?
  10. What obstacles must I work through so that I reach my goals for 2009?

May your answers give you pause to:

Recognize the good things you have experienced.


Purposefully plan for a great 2009!

Happy New Year!