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The new year is here! And there’s no time like a fresh new year for taking a fresh look at our goals, actions, time, and energy and their effect on what is most important to us.

As you are identifying (or reviewing) your goals, think about the plan to achieve the goal.

While some say goal setting is an art and not a science, there is a scientific principle that applies to achieving the goals.

Do you remember learning about the Cause and Effect relationship during science class? It is undeniable that our sales and leadership effectiveness is very much tied into our actions whether we like it or not.

Your time, energy, and activity input to your career, activities, and life determines the output you will achieve.


Cause Effect
Preparation Productive sales calls/meetings
Time and effort on high yield activities Results and success
Procrastination and excuses Low results and maybe loss of job
Contacts with potential buyers Consistent sales
Good eating and exercise habits Health, stamina, and weight control
Personal and professional development Greater efficiencies and productivity

Consider the cause and the effect impact on your: sales, performance, customers, colleagues, and family. With that goal or objective in mind, determine the input needed to realize your desired output. How much more likely are you to realize the desired Effect when you take action on your Cause?

There you have it. You are scientifically more effective when you back your cause with action and effort each day!

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