Well, it has been too long since I have posted. I have many reasons why I have gone ‘dark’ – two huge client projects, technology issues that led me to high levels of frustration in trying to post, and the book I am in the midst of writing.

This morning though, I look at this list I just wrote and think, “So what?” We all have a lot to do, how important is it to keep in touch,  keep providing tips that can aid others in sales – good stuff! Tips, new books and information, tools, etc. all not shared for 2 months now!

Then as I look deeper, I realize that the ‘stuff’ I have to do – the laundry list above wasn’t the biggest barrier…the biggest barrier became my embarrassment at how long it was since the last post, and that kept me from posting. I think about communicating with you often – several times a week and then think ‘How do I just jump into again and ignore the time gap?”

Isn’t that how it goes sometimes? We justify a lack of DOING something with logic, when the real reason we haven’t acted is because of our emotions?

Well, here I am at 4 a.m. on a Saturday. I leave for vacation in a few hours and have decided to face the music as they say and apologize for the regular readers. I am committed to helping you succeed and hope you will forgive my absence. I wasn’t waiting one more day to get back to this commitment!

Now, true confessions completed, On the positive side, you can expect more over the next year, including a published book! I signed a contract with AMACOM months ago and the book on how to make your sales conversation matter – with tips, techniques and tools will be published next spring.

In the midst of trying to put together the most helpful and value-filled book I can, I will keep my posts more up to date.

I have a question today – what have you been procrastinating on? What is something you committed to do, want to do, THINK about doing….and then haven’t done?

Maybe today is YOUR day to get ‘er done. What prompted me to act? A reminder by a colleague that we should just ‘eat the frog’ each day. You can read more about that in this popular post.

Also, the death of a childhood neighbor. A brain aneurysm ended his life last week at the age of 42. His celebration of life ended with a challenge to DO, to make a bucket list and not have regrets, to embrace those around us and to give of ourselves. Funny how life events can get us to take action, isn’t it?

To the future, less procrastinating and hiding and more action!