Here it is Friday afternoon on August 8, 2014. The sun is shining, the temperature is 80 and there is low humidity. The weekend looks to be just as beautiful.

But I, like many of you, have a LOT to get done. There are newsletters to write, a proposal to prepare, training materials to complete, and phone calls to make. And yet I know that not many people are around today, my find is full from a lot of activity this week, and I am spending too much time in front of this screen.

Unplugged2So, I am unplugging for at least 24 hours. Which includes not checking messages on my smartphone.

And it got me thinking…what if we made a moratorium that for 24 hours each week we unplugged? And instead we engaged with those around us, those we might run into on errands, and just keep our head ‘up’ and off the mobile devices?

What could happen?

  • New connections made.
  • People we care about are paid attention to.
  • Conversations would be bountiful if we choose.
  • We could finish a book we started months ago.
  • Opportunities for exercise would be more likely.
  • We can focus more after we plug back in.

What else do you think would happen if you unplugged for 24 hours?

Me? I’m starting with the Wisconsin State Fair tonight. I’ve convinced my husband I am up for fighting crowds and going to see some animals (the horses are my favorite), do some people watching, browse the expo (who knows what fun gadgets I may find?), and just recharge.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to the farmer’s market and spending the day helping my daughter pull together everything she needs to move into the college dorm next week.

And I’m going to swim my 40 laps each day.

Sounds like a good way to spend the next 24 hours, doesn’t it?

So, join me – get away from your computer, put down your smartphone, and enjoy life without an ‘e’ in front of it!