4 Ways to Stop the Data and Detail DumpYou’ve finally got the meeting or someone has paused long enough on the phone for you to talk. What happens then? Do you start talking quickly to explain what your product is about? Explaining the features and benefits they should care about? Pitching the information you think everyone should know? Stop! Too much information too soon stops your sale from moving forward.

It’s time to stop the data and detail dump in your sales conversations. The last thing your buyers need is more data and detail dumped on their overtasked and overscheduled brains, desks, or hard drives.

In the “old days” much of a sales reps value was the depth and volume of information they shared with prospects. No more…now there is TOO much information for buyers to access and sift through.

Today, professional salespeople give high value by deciphering the data and details the buyer has collected. Our value comes from supplementing, clarifying, and making it easy for buyers to see why our solution is important for Them. Connecting how our solution addresses a specific problem, opportunity, want, or need specifically for Them wins sales.

Our real expertise is not in sharing everything we know, it’s “right sizing” the information to what they need to know.

Collaboration Not Pitching

Here are 4 ways to stop the data and detail dump and right size the information and explanation:

  1. Ask relevant questions to identify what they already know, what they’ve done, what they need or want to have or achieve, what their risks and rewards are, and how open they are to you helping them.
  2. Listen, really listen not only their words, tap into the emotions and context of what they say, and closely observe their tone and body language.
  3. Flex what and how you share information. Prepare to share data and details and be ready adjust the amount, type, and level of information you actually give them during the conversation. They may not need 12 data points; 3-4 may be enough if they are relevant and address their priorities.
  4. Connect the needed data and details specifically to what it means for them. Link the information specifically to why it is important to them–their situation, problem, opportunity, want or need. Use stories, analogies, and pictures when possible to make it come alive.

Right sizing information in the midst of a conversation is TOUGH. It’s much tougher than explaining all that you think they need to know. It’s how you use your expertise, expertly.

When you share only the relevant data and details, focused, and connected to Them, you can stop the data and detail dump. Less really is more.

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