What does it really take to succeed? It’s a question often asked by those who want to succeed or who need to hire those that will succeed.

While there are many factors to success, the two components I’ve observed in top performers across industry and career is Skill and Will®.

Each person needs the right Skills to succeed. The necessary Skills will vary depending on the role, position, and industry.

That’s not all though. The best performers show grit, determination, the right attitude, commitment, belief, and resiliency. We call these attributes the Will to succeed.

It’s the combination of Skill and Will® that elevates people in any industry or career to the top.

Through our work with tens of thousands of sales, service, and leadership professionals, we have categorized and combined the list of Will attributes down to a practical number. These attributes are most critical for success; the four Success Drivers.

Yet the main attributes of Will are universal in top performance.

My daughter, a college dancer, and I are huge fans of the show So You Think You Can Dance. The dancers are very talented, the judges are supportive, and the whole process is energizing.

One dancer, Gaby, clearly has the proper technique or Skill. What has really caught my attention though is her clear demonstration of Will, and each of the Success Drivers.

Success Drivers

  • Goal Transparency. Clear, written, and attainable goals that are shared with stakeholders. Gaby was very clear on her goal to make it to the next round, thus earning a spot on the show.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Knowing how emotions impact action. Great performers bounce back from injury, failure, and rejection. Gaby was rejected after her audition in Dallas. She listened to the judge’s feedback and reworked her audition routine, showing up just 7 days later to perform again. Talk about resiliency! She’s on to the next round.
  • Initiative. The personal and proactive energy spent each day. Talk about Initiative! Gaby lives in Miami and made the trip to Dallas, found the time and energy to rework her routine and practice and audition in Detroit, in the winter no less, just 7 days later!
  • Integrated Beliefs. Strong beliefs in self, role, and value. Gaby believed she was talented enough, that dancing was the right career for her, and there was value in making it to the next round.

Top performance in any field is marked with these four Success Drivers. Anyone with strong drive will move to the top in their industry, career, hobby, and in life.

Now if only I could dance like Gaby.

You can download a free Success Drivers tool if you’d like to take a look at your own Drive today.


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4 Success Drivers You Need to Know...and Grow


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