3 Uncommon Actions to Help Actually Achieve Your Goals

Shalane Flanagan won the NYC marathon women’s division this past weekend. This is a goal achieved that was long in the making.

Her story is one of determination and sacrifice, ending with big success.

Yet, every day us “common folk” in sales also strive to achieve goals. Our achieved goals may not make the New York Times, but they are just as important to us. Personal goals such as number of new clients signed, a certain sales dollars or revenue achieved, number of leads generated, appointments set, or retention of existing business are all worthy goals.

However, most goals set are never achieved. In fact, most goals set are quickly abandoned.

ALERT: Startling statistic ahead…Once set, 92% of goals are abandoned within 15 days.


What causes this big dropout or failure rate?

  • Undefined goal or target
  • Lack of belief in the goal
  • Low commitment
  • Unclear plan or “how to”
  • Lack of support
  • No compelling reason to do what is necessary to reach the goal
  • Goals are only focused on at the start of the year

That’s a lot of possible reasons for not getting something you want, isn’t it? It’s a wonder any goals are achieved at all; yet some are.

There are proven systems you can adopt as your own to not only set, but achieve, your goals. There are also several uncommon actions that vastly increase your probability of doing so.

  1. Identify your goals as needed, not just at the first of the year. Do you even remember the goals you set last January? Maybe those business goals that were thrust upon you keep surfacing. But what about your other goals: to exercise, eat sensibly, lose weight, stop a bad habit, spend more time with loved ones, and probably so many more.

You can set goals and start on them at ANY time, even a Wednesday at 4 p.m.

  1. Outline your plan of action with a schedule, not just the end date. An achieved date is good for the final target, but a schedule for the actions to get you there is stronger and will keep you focused on taking timely actions to achieve the goal by the end date.
  1. Identify specific compelling reasons or benefits for YOU to achieve the goal. This might seem silly — why would you set a goal if there isn’t a reason to do so? I see it all the time, goals are set out of pressure, FOMO, and many other reasons. Ask yourself – What will I gain? What will be better? What will increase or decrease? Identifying your “What’s in it for Me” is powerful as a motivator to keep taking action on the plan in order to achieve your goals.

Goal achievement isn’t hard in theory…it’s the daily grind and mindset to the goal that is tough.

Include these three uncommon actions and your probability of achieving your goals will jump.

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