As sales professionals we have an opportunity to do the right thing…or the wrong thing…with every contact.  That means every action and word matters.  Last week I asked sales pros and managers to share some of the rights and wrongs from their experiences.  And I narrowed down the list to share with you the top three Always and Nevers of sales.


  1. Listen.  Talking doesn’t get you very far for very long.  The ability and willingness to be a great listener and to hear words, intentions, fears, and excitement is what matters.
  2. Prepare.  The level of preparation depends on many factors but the need to prepare is a definite always.
  3. Focus on your customer.  The acronym I use for this is WiifT – What’s in it for Them.  It’s a mindset with specific actions throughout your sales process and relationships.  Focus on them in every way and you succeed.


  1. Lie.  Not much more to add to this one.  Never lie is NEVER lie.
  2. Assume.  Heard the old adage…when you assume you make an A_s out of U and ME?  Making assumptions creates lost opportunities, sales and relationships.
  3. Posture yourself above them.  Yes, you are an expert in what you do and they are not.  Yet when we are side-by-side with our buyers we are better off in the long run than being over them.

It seems we complicate what sales is…and boiling it down to 3 always and nevers will ALWAYS help us NEVER fail.

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