It’s a Tuesday Tips Day for Sales!  Time for a few ‘little’ ideas you can use to build your success!   top10

  1. Listen more than you talk.
  2. Pay attention to their signals on pace, tone, body language and adjust yours to match.
  3. Check for typos in anything  you write – before hitting ‘send’.
  4. It’s okay to be a ‘name dropper’ – use their name sparingly throughout the discussion, but use it!
  5. Prepare 2-3 open-ended questions to engage and get them talking.
  6. Pause before making contact to make sure you are not distracted and ready to be ‘in the moment’.
  7. Take notes when someone else is speaking.
  8. Be yourself – don’t lose your personality in your conversations (unless you are boring or overbearing naturally – then leave that part out 🙂
  9. Make the time to prep before you step  – into the conversation.
  10. ACT!  After some time in preparation – DO something and move forward in the sales process.

That’s it – 10 sales tips for Tuesday!