We help those who serve agriculture and rural

You’ve worked hard to support and serve agriculture and rural communities.

You’ve assembled a team that cares…or might we even say, a team who has passion for your customers and their farm, family, and business.

Yet, you know you could help more people in agriculture and rural.

And it’s frustrating.

  • How do you equip your people to be of service…and also sales focused?
  • How do you help them be successful and break the fear that selling to the hard-working agriculture folks is bad or self-serving?
  • How do you make sure the customer-focused culture your pride yourself on is not destroyed?

That’s where we come in.

Working with “nontraditional” salespeople, those people who probably never set out for a career in the dreaded sales area, is what we do.

Making sales comfortable for them and for your prospective and current customers is our expertise.

How we work with you

First, we Pinpoint what’s working or not within your sales process and the people within the roles.

Based on what is discovered, we Prepare the foundation you can continue to build from. This involves training, possibly process improvement, and accountability which allows your team to acquire and serve more ag customers.

Step three ensures Performance is ongoing and sustainable. We provide reinforcement, coaching training, and support to build long-term accountability, skills set, and sales results.

Why is this important?

Your agriculture business needs to compete...against the local banks, the big banks, and the big “guys” in your market.

By helping them choose to work with YOU, you know they are taken care of and get what they need…your solution and your support.

Sales is not a dirty word!

Our approach to selling is collaborative. Working alongside the prospect to help them get what will address their problem, opportunity, want, or need.

This approach makes it comfortable for everyone involved…and gets results.

Potential Solutions to get you where you need to be:

Sales Training

It’s not about knowing about sales. It’s about doing it. Our training provides the “how tos” for more than the consultative sale…today’s collaborative selling is key.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Everything is easier when you have the right people in the right roles. We use objective assessments that illuminate strengths and hidden weaknesses so you increase the probability of hiring successful associates who fit you!

Coaching Training

Great sales coaching focuses on accountability and action. We’ll either equip you or your leaders to coach well or coach you or your team directly. 

You’ve worked hard to earn your customers’ trust and business. Equip your customer-facing team to keep them with conversations that deliver a great experience...and positive outcome.



You left so much energy with our sales staff. It is not often I would say this, but you left energy with me too. It is hard to crank me up being I am slightly (very) high strung to begin with. You should feel great about yourself and your engagement to Badgerland yesterday!

I literally have received over 20 thank you email for bringing you in yesterday.


Bryan Stanek

Sr VP-Credit, Badgerland Financial


Simply said, Nancy and her organization have consistently met or exceeded my expectations for the services they provided. In today's business environment it is essential for every company to strive for continuous improvement (growth) by identifying the organizational needs and then identifying the outside sources who can contribute to this process. Nancy's company has played an important role as a business partner. Her "hands on" approach assures that the needs are clearly identified and that deliverables are met.

The core training program itself, coupled with the reinforcer process has been instrumental in helping our sales teams exceed plan each year since we began the program! As an HR leader who has worked with a variety of sales training programs over the years, I am most excited that this initiative has been owned and driven from our division and sales leadership team versus a program that HR has “forced” into the organization. I highly recommend Sales Pro Insider!


Mike Thurow

Spectrum Technologies

Let's start a conversation...

  • Do you wish your team was better equipped to sell more?
  • Are you nervous that bringing in an outsider to help will force the “widget” selling approach on them?
  • Could communication within the teams be better?
  • Would more accountability to action be a good thing?
  • Do you want to increase the probability of hiring the right people who can achieve goals?

Should we talk?

If any of the items below sounds like you, let’s start a conversation…

  • Need to infuse sales into your culture and teams…and yet don’t want to lose the focus on your customer
  • Have a team who may roll their eyes if they hear “sales training” because their experience has been scripts, role playing, and selling the proverbial “widgets”
  • Understand there is no magic wand and changing mindsets, skill sets, and evolving a culture takes time, repetition, and accountability