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There’s a Big Difference Between Thinking and Knowing

How do you know whether your business can grow? How much can it grow? At what rate? How able and willing are the people on your team to succeed?

Very important questions every business owner, executive, and HR professional should ask. And yet too often these questions are evaluated based on anecdotal evidence and “gut” feel.

You’re too close to the action and the people. Your experiences and relationships can create blinders that keep you from recognizing potential and pending problems for the capabilities of your salespeople and sales leaders.

FREE Sales Force Grader

FREE Sales Force Grader

Real data helps you make the best decisions for determining:

  • Are the right people in place?
  • Who is worthy of an investment in training, development, and resources?
  • How effectively your processes support sales growth?
  • How quickly you can expect growth?

There’s a huge difference between thinking and knowing the answers to these questions.

From a full salesforce audit of strategy, process, and people to individual pre-hire assessments, Sales Pro Insider uses the most effective and accurate assessments available. To collect hard data, you need objective assessments.

FREE Hiring Mistake Calculator

FREE Recruiting Process Grader

After 20 years of vetting out providers, we selected the Objective Management Group for sales assessments as they provide the most accurate insights for growing sales, profits and market share. For non-sales roles, we apply the DiSC suite including the valuable TriMetrix process.

The intelligence gathered can be used to make intelligent decisions and create a crystal clear roadmap for sales growth, employee performance improvement, and hiring decisions. Assessments are a “must have” if you want to not only survive but thrive in today’s marketplace.

Objective Management Group

Sales Pro Insider is a certified partner with the Objective Management Group – Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis.

SEIA is the most accurate and customizable online assessment tool available for business to business selling environments. The predictive validity is 95% and each assessment is configured to the specifics of your sales strategy, industry, team and objectives for sales performance improvement.

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SPQ*Gold – The Sales Preference Questionnaire

Hire and Hope… sound like a familiar employee selection strategy?

Have you ever hired someone who interviewed well, looked good, sounded good and still didn’t work out?

If a person can’t sell, when would you want to find out? Before or after you hire them?

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TriMetrix – Match the right person to the right job

TriMetrix™ is the Most Revolutionary and Reliable Sales Job Selection & Training System in the World!

The TriMetrix ™ System Benchmarks the Specific Needs of Your Job, Assesses the Personal Talents of Your Candidates, then Matches the Best Talent to the Needs of Your Specific Job!

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