An online sales course made for professional service providers beginning October 15th
Open to just 3 more professional service providers!
Invest in Your Sales Skills + Build Your Confidence and Selling Ability + Close More Sales and Grow Your Business

Do you want to close sales with confidence?

  • Is selling your least favorite part of your job, but you know it’s critical for growth?
  • Do you want to be seen as a trusted expert, not a salesperson?
  • Are you eager to discover proven sales frameworks that make selling comfortable?
  • Do you have aggressive growth goals that require you to take your sales skills to the next level?
  • Would you love to learn how to collaborate with your prospects, not just ‘close them’?
  • Are you ready for an in-depth, long-term solution for boosting your sales skills–not just another book or webinar?

The Virtual Genuine Sales Course is your chance to gain confidence while selling, position yourself as a trusted expert, and skyrocket the growth of your business.

Limited to just 12 professional service providers, you can be one of the professionals who transforms their business through the Virtual Genuine Sales Course.

The Virtual Genuine Sales Course: Beginning October 15th, 2019

The Virtual Genuine Sales Course is For:

Professional service providers who want to grow their business, but need to develop sales skills and confidence–without losing client trust or becoming too ‘salesy’.

By Investing in the Virtual Genuine Sales Course, You’ll Get:

  • Live online workshops you can access anywhere
  • 7 live 90-minute group reinforcement sessions for…
  • Exclusive videos and resources to build your skills
  • 200+ page workbook for in-depth learning and ongoing growth
  • A copy of Conversations That Sell, my award-winning book on sales
  • Access to our collaborative online community for additional networking and learning

Over 10 weeks, you’ll grow alongside just 11 other professional service providers, learning proven frameworks, collaboration methods, and rapport building techniques that make you a trusted expert your prospects want to work with.

What will you gain from the Virtual Genuine Sales Course?

Hear from those who completed the 10-week course—and boosted their growth and selling confidence!

Become The Professional Service Provider Your Prospects Want to Work With

For professional service providers, sales may not be their favorite growth-building activity, but there’s no denying it: if you want your business to succeed, you need to be comfortable selling!

But selling professional services is different than most sales. Not only are professional services providers unlikely to have a sales background or training, it’s also critical that they position themselves as an expert and avoid being viewed as pushy or ‘salesy’.

This added pressure means sales can bring along anxiety and fears, sapping confidence and enthusiasm with every prospect conversation!

Through the Virtual Genuine Sales Course, you’ll gain the skills you need to sell and the frameworks and strategies you can us every day to take the nerves out of selling, facing less rejection and more growth in the process.

After taking Genuine Sales, I exceeded my annual goal of 10 new high quality clients. I’m already at 13 and likely adding more.
Mike Eklund

CFP®, CRPC®, MBA, Financial Symmetry Inc.

“My conversion rate was around 10% before I started working with Nancy Bleeke. Now my closing rate is above 75% and that is awesome.”

Paul Sydlanksy

CFP®, MBA, Lake Road Advisors

Virtual Genuine Sales Course

What You Receive:

Live Web-Facilitated Workshop

7 Live 90-minute Group Reinforcement Sessions

Exclusive Videos and Resources

200+ Page Workbook

Copy of Conversations That Sell 

Access to Collaborative Online Community


What Does This Mean for Me?


Live facilitated sessions mean you work with an experienced trainer/facilitator who will guide you and the other course participants through real-time activities and practice to make the frameworks and systems work for you! You’ll “learn” the system in bite-size sections before the live workshops so you spend the time in the workshop hands-on to make it your own – meaning you can put the system components into action immediately following each live, group session.

Why is that important? You’ll start to benefit from the course sooner! The videos and resources allow you to learn and take in the foundation information at the pace that works for you. Watch the video once or 5 times, its up to you!

Another workbook, yippee! Said no one. The Genuine Sales Course workbook is valuable because it’s where you will brainstorm and document the specifics of the system that will work in your business, with your style.

Named one of the Top Sales Books of All Time in 2018, Conversations That Sell will be your “forever reference” for productive conversations. It’s full of examples for every part of the conversation.

The collaborative community becomes the place for you to beg for help, brag when you have success, and be comfortable with others who don’t want to be the product pushing, manipulative, and self-serving “salesman” they’ve tried to avoid their whole life.

What's My Investment?

An investment – a good one that is – pays a return.

What do we mean by that? How many monetary or time investments have provided a direct payoff financially and in your confidence? We bet not many.

So, think about what your current sales efforts are costing you: How many times do you hear “No” every month? How many potential clients are missing out on your help because they haven’t understood your value? How much longer will you be able to continue your business with your current closing rate? What are your options if you need to close your doors?

We know how much your money means to you and are confident that you will earn a positive return…if you do the work, participate, and put it into practice! That’s why we confidently offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for any course graduate who has completed all the coursework and hasn’t earned an ROI within 6 months of completion.

99.6% of our participants earn a positive ROI before they finish the course!

Two Ways to Get the Course

One-Time Investment


3x Payment Plan


The Genuine Sales Course is more than just a “one and done” experience. We work with you to implement the collaborative approach and make it your own. Why? So you can confidently map out the sales conversations from preparation to close with frameworks that will convert more prospects to clients.

The process of how we work with you is just as important as the system we share. Rome wasn’t built in a day they say, and neither will your confidence and skill for collaborative selling. That’s why the 10-week process pays off!

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Join the Genuine Sales Course

The next course begins Tuesday, October 15th @ 11:00 a.m. Central

(Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 1st)

Workshop Live Sessions (the foundation to immerse yourself in collaborative conversations): October 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th

Live Reinforcement Sessions (where the real results build): November 7th, 14th, and 20th; December 5th, 12th, and 19th; and January 2nd. 

One-Time Investment


3x Payment Plan