Why Choose the Genuine Sales Growth System?

The Genuine Sales Growth System is designed to help you lay the foundation for your firm’s success and equip you to serve clients in a way that is authentic and unique to you. 

By applying a comprehensive approach to setting up your business development efforts, you achieve short-term and long-term results by better leveraging your time, resources, and energy.

Overview of the Genuine Sales Growth System

Setting up your firm’s sales function allows you to systematize these efforts consistently going forward. Why is that important? So, you can be efficient and have more time for the things that matter to you at work and in life.

The Growth System recommendation includes two components often left to chance: Identifying a specific plan of action for lead gen and a comprehensive sales process. These foundational components strengthen the probability of business development success.

Following is an overview of the components of the Genuine Sales Growth System with details noted further down the page. The first three components can be completed in the order that fits for your timeline and priorities.

  1. Build your business development strategy with the Genuine LeadGen course to fill your pipeline with ideal prospects. 
  2. Participate in individual coaching with Nancy to strategize on specific opportunities and questions you have. 
  3. Identify your sales process with the Genuine Sales Process course, which creates your roadmap for converting prospects consistently and efficiently
  4. Develop the skillset (and mindset) for productive sales conversations with the Genuine Sales training course. 
  5. For the future: Ongoing collaboration with forward-thinking firm owners through Genuine Sellers Group Coaching.

Jay Karamourtopoulos, CFP®
Founder of Hereford Financial 

Create Your Business Development Lead Gen plan.

You’ll define and develop your plan with specific actions to fill your sales pipeline. You will use the online beta course to identify your lead generation plan with specific weekly and monthly High, Mid, and Low Touch activities for ongoing lead generation.

Video modules first guide you to brainstorm and complete specific activities to create a draft plan. Then we’ll work together throughout the course to review and clarify your efforts, with 30- to 45-minute consultations after Modules 3, 7, and 9, and then another 45 minutes to finalize your first monthly action plan after the last module.

Why do you need this plan now?

You want further clarity on who you want to work with and a plan to get in front of the right people (hello, ideal clients!) in a way that is comfortable and works well when consistently executed.

There are many ways to get in front of prospects, and many small business owners try and abandon different strategies haphazardly. A plan that fits YOU, and when consistently executed, fills your funnel. You will:

  1. Start with your Why.
  2. Clarify your Ideal Client Profile.
  3. Identify the people who are important to your growth.
  4. Brainstorm the possibilities for activities in three important “touches.”
  5. Filter, refine, and commit to a monthly plan of action.

What you receive:

  • A workbook to document your “thinking” and activities.
  • 11 video modules guide you through the information and activities to complete worksheets to build the components, and then refine and define your plan.
  • 30-45 minutes of consultation time with Nancy Bleeke as you complete Modules 3, 7, and 9 and a 45-minute review to finalize your plan upon completion of Module 11.
  • A concrete plan of action for Why, What, Who, and How you will fill your funnel.

Individual Coaching

You’ll work one-on-one with Nancy Bleeke on specific topics, challenges, strategies, and questions. Areas such as specific sales situation coaching, clarifying your service offering, developing a follow-up system, and further outreach to former clients. In summary, we will strategize, discuss, and plan for specific outcomes you identify.

How it works: You schedule time that works for you using the calendar scheduler and send information in advance so Nancy can prepare to make your time together most productive. This time together will bring accountability and mentoring to your efforts.

Create Your Sales Process

To ensure your prospects have a high probability of becoming clients, you’ll complete and define your strategic sales roadmap with the Genuine Sales Process Course.

The Genuine Sales Process Course is a self-paced course, part online and part one-on-one consultation, which guides you to define and document your strategic sales roadmap.

Why do you need this sales roadmap?

A roadmap guides you from one destination to another. The Sales Process provides the path for you to:

  1. Consistently move your buyers through the sales process.
  2. Diagnose when the desired outcome was not reached…and how to re-engage the buyer and possibly save the sale.
  3. Know where every prospect is within your sales process so you can make meaningful and productive follow-up.
  4. Increase pipeline accuracy and forecasting.

What you receive:

  • 8 video modules with worksheets to define and document your strategic sales roadmap.
  • A template you’ll adjust to match your sales objectives, actions, buyer commitment, and selling resources.
  • 45 minutes of consultation time after Modules 3, 4, 5, and 6 plus a one-on-one, 45-minute coaching session with Nancy Bleeke to finalize your very own Sales Process.

Using your sales process roadmap will then guide you to convert more of your hard-earned leads and set your business on a path for quicker growth.


There is a ton of value in having a concise process that I can understand, my employees can follow, and anyone can explain.

That’s what I received through the System!

                                                                                        Pam Horack

Build Your skillset and mindset with Genuine Sales® 

Build the skillset and mindset needed for long-term success in the business development efforts for your firm with the Genuine Sales® training course 

This virtual and live 12-week course uses proven concepts and tools to build habits for success and strengthen your Skill and Will® to perform and achieve in the sales aspect of your business. You’ll participate in hands-on activities with a small group of other dedicated professionals, further elevating your skillset, experience, and comfort level.

Workshops provide immersion into the tools, methods, and practice opportunities. Reinforcers strengthen your habit-building and reinforce skills.

In addition to the skills training, you also receive 3 valuable components that ensure you get time and resources to make this “stick”:

  1. A 1:1 coaching with Nancy at any time during the course to review a skill that you want more focus on, strategy, or practice with feedback.
  2. The Ask Me Anything group coaching following each group session. For those who choose to participate in this optional, collaborative 30 minutes, the time is used to dig deeper into specific topics from the workshops or review broader business development questions. This has become a favorite component for many advisors who participate!
  3. Your Financial Advisor Sales Playbook delivered several weeks after the conclusion of the course. It’s a helpful start to your personal Playbook that you will use for efficiency and consistency of your efforts in the future. Your Playbook will have your sales process, logo, and starter information personalized, which alone is a $3,750 value.

Genuine Sellers Group Coaching

Once you’ve laid the foundation with the Workshop portion of the Genuine Sales training course, you’ll have the opportunity to join a monthly Genuine Sellers Group Coaching cohort. 

This group is where you will reinforce and expand your selling efficiencies through ongoing collaboration with forward-thinking business owners.

Through Genuine Sellers Group Coaching, you will belong to a collaborative community which supports you in meeting your sales and business goals. Monthly coaching calls, guided by Nancy Bleeke, empower you to accomplish your business goals through action, accountability, awareness, and acceleration. It’s been called a “study group on steroids”!

What You Receive:

  • 90-minute monthly group live, virtual sessions focused on topics your group chooses. A community of collaborators! No more than 7 others in your group allows you time to discuss action and real-world situations.
  • Role play scenarios, when possible, for those brave enough to REALLY take their development to the highest level.
  • Your goals achieved! Accountability for your goals with a monthly report on progress, successes, and challenges. A specific report-out of your lead gen efforts/progress is included. We love to celebrate with you!
  • A focus on what’s important to you(and your group). Your group selects the topics for focus each quarter – recent topics ranged from referral processes, working through specific objections, how to maximize account review, and lead gen – all built from the foundation of WIIFT conversations.
  • Access to virtual webinar replays indefinitely.

As part of the Genuine Sellers Group Coaching community, you will have access to the updated and accelerated practical workshops over and over. Others have access to our monthly workshops for 60 days.

  • There’s also an option to add one-on-one monthly coaching at a significant discount where:
    • You’ll identify one specific topic, sales challenge, or sales opportunity to focus on with your coach.
    • You’ll take away one specific action to implement. Typically, it’s three or four. Think about how quickly you’ll move forward with specific actions each month!
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