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How to Fix the Top Small Biz Sales Challenges You May Not Know You Have

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It's the end of the year - a close to 2017 - and time for sales professionals and small business owners to review their sales effort results.

Way too often, you might come away from this review asking, "Why aren't our sales higher?" or "Why didn't I close more sales?"

The answer may be simple or complicated, just like closing sales. We can make the closing process simple or complicated...we have more control over it than we might think.

Yet, most people don't agree and are afraid they will have to be "that" aggressive and manipulative salesperson to close at a higher rate.

We don't have to make closing so challenging! If you've wondered:

Why does the final "ask" in a sales conversation seem the toughest?

Why is that asking for the decision seems like a special event?

Why is that after a ton of time, work, and attention the sales opportunity dies?

What does it take to help a buyer make a confident decision?

Closing more sales may be a lot easier than you think with the valuable information I'll share during this FREE and virtual workshop:

Crank Up Your Close Rate: Increase your sales conversions with 3 simple but powerful steps

Join me for a live and virtual training workshop on December 13th.

Here's what we'll cover in this 50 minute virtual training:

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    Two common mistakes that keep you from closing sales
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    What your buyers need to know before making a decision
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    3 simple steps that will make it easy for you – and the buyer - to get to the final decision
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    Why there is a close for every conversation
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    What you must do immediately following a “Yes” to stop buyer’s remorse and a ton of needless follow-up

You'll learn the same information Mike did - and he doubled his conversions with one action.

Mike's conversion rate was dismal and caused a lot of stress as he burned through leads. He couldn't understand why. He had a great network, good leads, and a strong knowledge base that was beneficial to his clients.

He put in longer hours than every one else and always followed up after each meeting.

What could keep buyers from saying "Yes"?

When he learned what I'm going to share with you, he took a hard look at what he was actually doing in his sales conversations and easily spotted one action that was creating more work for him, confusion for his prospects, and a lot of stalled sales.

After fixing that ONE action, his close rate doubled! Better yet, he found he was doing a lot less follow-up on his opportunities.

That's how powerful a productive "close" to your conversation is.

What results will you experience? Well, that's up to you.

Better results begin by participating in the virtual workshop. Did I mention its FREE?

If you can't make the specific time, register anyway, as we'll share the Replay for a limited time with registrants.

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