3 Key Ways to Start the Conversation and End With the Sale

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Nancy Bleeke

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You're starting a conversation with a prospective buyer or client with just moments to set the stage for a productive information exchange. How do you ensure these first moments set the right tone, gains their attention, establishes your credibility, and most importantly earn you the right to move forward?

Many of us get tongue tied, "wing it," or launch right into a product pitch or a ton of blabbering on and on...

You don't have to be a "natural" in engaging others, you can learn the

3 Key Ways to Start the Conversation and End With the Sale

Here's what we'll cover in this 50 minute virtual training:

  • Why you must lead the conversation from the first seconds or lose control that takes you down the fee and function path
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    Three questions your buyer needs you to answer quickly before they check out of the conversation
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    Why "small talk" without a plan forward wastes everyone's time
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    The easy-to-adapt framework to start any conversation (or meeting) that lets you set the tone, build trust, and answer those unstated questions in the buyers' mind
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    What you must do before you begin the conversation

This invaluable information will give you a framework you can make your own to start every conversation and meeting . 

Learn how you can earn trust, show your expertise, and earn the right to keep the conversation going.

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