Don't Wing It! Win Clients with Conversations that Convert

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Nancy Bleeke

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Learn how you can quickly and easily use a collaborative conversation to convert more of your hard-earned leads to clients.

Expert Training That Gives You the Confidence You Need
Hosted by Nancy Bleeke

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When you attend the webinar, you will learn:

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    How collaboration trumps consultation and "pitches", letting you win more
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    What WiifT is and why it's so valuable in your business development and sales efforts - it keeps you from being quickly dismissed by today's busy buyer
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    How a win-win approach is too narrow and leaves valuable stakeholders out from the celebration and the "win" you really need to make
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    Why genuine conversations build trust, credibility, and the right to guide the buyer to confidently make a decision to say "Yes!"

 Jane Yoo 


I had zero professional sales experience and figuring out how to run a prospect meeting was my biggest concern. I feel confident heading into conversations, particularly because I have a system for dealing with objections and concluding conversations.

 Scott Newhouse


I used all of these collaborations skills in meeting my clients for the first time. I retained (so far) every client that I met with, and most of them said how impressed they were with me and how they had confidence in my abilities. As far as metrics, that helped me retain $90-100K in revenue so I'm not homeless!

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