How You Can Earn a Buyer's Trust (and their business)

Training Date

SEP 20


2:00 PM


Training Host

Nancy Bleeke

Sales Pro Insider, Inc.
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Are you working hard but still feel disappointed with the results? Are you frustrated that more people aren't becoming clients? Are you confused about what you should really be doing to make your business grow? Do you feel like there must be an easier way?

September 20, 2018 at 2:00pm CST

Expert Training That Gives You the Confidence You Need
Hosted by Nancy Bleeke

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When you attend the webinar, you will learn:

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    How your sale is made with the questions you ask, not the pitch you give
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    The 4-Points of their "story" you must uncover
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    How to differentiate yourself from anyone else your buyer is talking with

 Jane Yoo 


I had zero professional sales experience and figuring out how to run a prospect meeting was my biggest concern. I feel confident heading into conversations, particularly because I have a system for dealing with objections and concluding conversations.

 Scott Newhouse


I used all of these collaborations skills in meeting my clients for the first time. I retained (so far) every client that I met with, and most of them said how impressed they were with me and how they had confidence in my abilities. As far as metrics, that helped me retain $90-100K in revenue so I'm not homeless!

September 20, 2018 at 2:00pm CST

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