WEalth Management Advisory firms

Build a Sales & Service Culture

Increase your conversion rates

Develop a client-focused sales culture

Strengthen the positive impact For your clients

Start by Asking ...

  • Are you concerned about the future growth of your business if your main "rainmakers" stop or slow down their selling EFFORTS?
  • Do you have a smart, capable team of wealth advisors who serve your clients well?
  • Does your team bristle at the thought of building their own book of business?
  • Have you asked your advisors to observe and follow your lead in prospect meetings without success?
  • Is your firm’s culture one of high-level service and sales is a dirty word?

What We Do

Set the stage and equip your people for new clients and higher AUM. Evolve the client-centric culture you have to one that a client-focused sales culture. We'll retain the best of what you've built and prepare your team for the future.

Who We Work With

We work with firms headed by a leadership team who wants to make sure the firm can survive and grow beyond what a few “rainmakers” can accomplish.

How do we do it?

We know that to infuse the firm with a client-focused sales culture which is comfortable and expands what you've built without changing it so much no one recognizes you, it needs these four things:

  • The right process for business development so your team knows what to do in business development. Many financial planners don’t know what to do so they focus on the wrong activities or bring in the wrong clients.
  • The right skill set in your people, so they don’t’ get lumped in with the product pushers most of your clients are afraid of.
  • The right use of your technology. You’ve invested in a lot in client-facing technology....that’s not being used.
  • The right measurements. You don’t know what to track or how to track to avoid financial surprises at the end of the year.

Many of our clients had some of these pieces in place but weren’t positive they were working together for maximum effectiveness. That’s why they worked with us.

We’ll guide, counsel, and make sure the right solution and approach is implemented using the 3-P Process to ensure you get the results you need.

The Step-by-Step Process to Build Results

First, we Pinpoint what’s working or not within your sales process and the people within the roles.

Based on what is discovered, we Prepare the foundation you can continue to build from. This involves the process, training, and accountability which allows your team to be comfortable and skillful in their business development efforts...which grows your client base and your revenue.

Step three ensures Performance is ongoing and sustainable. We provide reinforcement, coaching training, and support to build long-term accountability, skills set, and sales results.

Our Wealth Management Clients Get Results

Pat McGill

Cleary Gull Advisors

I’ve always got my eyes on higher results, but I’m pleased with production from the last month. Since graduation I’ve added two $500k new clients and an $850k committed.

Outcomes You Can Expect

It’s not magic and it won’t happen overnight. But with time, effort, accountability, and coaching you will have:

  • A team who is able and willing to build your firm.
  • Processes that can be followed, adjusted, and measured.
  • New clients and higher AUM.
  • Less stress for everyone involved.
  • More time for you to spend with your family, other strategic endeavors, giving back to your community and industry, or on the golf course if that’s your thing.

Should we talk?

If this sounds like you, let's start a conversation:

  • Fee-only established practice
  • 8-25 team members
  • Have an owner looking to retire, transition, sell, or play more golf in 1-5 years
  • Need to infuse a culture of sales and growth throughout the organization (not just in a few rainmakers)
  • Understand this will take between 12 and 24 months (depending on what we uncover in our assessment)