Sale Pro Insider uses scientifically proven assessments that objectively measure your salesforce effectiveness including systems, strategy, and people so you can determine where to spend your precious time, money, and energy to grow your sales.

Your growth depends on the people you hire which is why we offer the only assessment for hiring and selection designed for sales roles. The Salesperson Candidate assessment measures the Skill and Will of candidates. The results save you time and money in the hiring process and end the costly mistake and agony of a hire that doesn’t perform.

Sales Recruiting Samples

SPI Sales Selection Infographic

A quick overview of how you can reduce the time it takes to hire top sales performers.

Sample Salesperson Candidate Assessment

View a sample of the report you will receive when this tool is used in your selection process. The information will help you use your time most effectively with the highest probability candidates.

Candidate Analyzer Snapshot

When using the assessments in your recruiting process, you have access to the Candidate Analyzer tool. The Candidate Analyzer allows you to filter and sort your candidates to help you:

  • Determine who to hire today and
  • Identify patterns in your candidates that can be used to improve your attraction strategies in the future.

Sales Force Audit Samples

Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis – SEIA Sample

View a sample of the comprehensive analysis for sales systems, process, and team. Imagine the decisions you can make confidently with this type of objective “intelligence” for your sales organization.The entire SEIA process is efficient, factual, and provides your results within weeks meaning you get to action sooner.

Sample Findings Excel File

With your full SEIA report, you also receive the Findings File which allows you to view and sort your team’s scores any way you choose. This flexibility in data analysis will help you understand your team on a macro and micro level so you can coach and provide the right tools and resources for them to sell more.