Make Every Sales Conversation Count

The key to involving buyers is making conversations WiifT-focused. WiifT — pronounced “wif-it” – is What’s in it for Them.

When you focus everything you say and do on Them…everything that follows is easier.

Why? You’ve got their attention, involvement, and commitment because you’re talking about what is most important–Them!

Sales Pro Insider President Nancy Bleeke’s book, Conversations That Sell: Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count, describes WIIFT this way:

“The WIIFT sales system guides you toward a greater probability of success in every conversation, allowing you to:

  • Ensure success with consistent and conscious actions.
  • Replicate it over and over in all situations, with minor adjustments.
  • Diagnose gaps in stalled sales or troublesome situations, allowing you to close the gap and advance the sale.”

Collaborative selling is easy when you apply this systematic framework that allows you to build trust, prove your service or product works, showcase your credibility, and communicate the value you bring without coming across as a boastful know-it-all who intimidates or makes your buyers feel stupid.

Produce Results With a Systematic Framework

The anchor to a productive WIIFT conversation is preparation. Here’s a tongue twister to stress the power of prep: Proper Preparation Promotes Powerful Performance.

Does preparation really matter? In Nancy’s controlled studies, sales people who have the discipline to prepare for sales presentations (and to review their preparation prior to the actual conversation) have a (minimum) 17% increase in sales.

Think about that for a moment —

What would a 17% increase in sales mean to you and your business?

How can you put all of this together to create better results for you, your company, and your prospects? Nancy has created a free, three-part mini-course with specific ideas you can implement each day to help you sell better in less time with less effort. (More on that below.)

Here’s what one of Nancy’s clients — a financial advisor named Shawn Tydlaska –said publicly about the impact Nancy had on his sales:

“I was getting really frustrated…I’d have great conversations with good people I’d love to work with [but] my conversion rate was only 30%…I reached out to Nancy Bleeke…and the key takeaway there was ‘don’t just give them the proposal’ — that doesn’t require any action from them and sometimes I’d never even hear back from them.”

After implementing Nancy’s suggestions, Shawn’s conversion rate skyrocketed to 75%…in just eight weeks.

Shawn, like thousands of others, realized that he needed to adjust his focus to leverage the time, money, and energy spent on getting leads by converting them to paying clients. He then had more time to spend on where he really gives value…advising his clients!