Every professional service provider wants to grow their sales, but they often spend too much time thinking about what to do before, during, and after their sales conversations. We understand. When it comes to your moving prospects to becoming clients, you don’t have to make it up as you go or fly by the seat of your pants. We guide you to create your strategic sales roadmap so you easily convert more prospects.

How It Works


Draw Your Roadmap

Watch each video module and complete the worksheet

Define Each Stage in the Sale

Document each step from nurturing your funnel to growing the relationship

Build Your List of Resources

Determine and create what your business needs to make the sales process work effortlessly

Review and Refine the Journey

Work with Nancy Bleeke in a 60-minute coaching session to clarify and focus your roadmap

“As a participant in the Genuine Sellers Group Coaching, I set goals to achieve by the end of 2018. By October, I had completed each one and was ready for the next challenge.”

- Jane Yoo

What You Receive

8 Video Modules to define and document your strategic sales roadmap

An adaptable template for your sales objectives, actions, buyer commitment, and selling resources

One on One, 60 Minute coaching session with Nancy Bleeke

What does this mean for you?

When you work through and complete the Genuine Sales Process Course, your time and energy will provide clarity and focus for your sales efforts by removing redundancy, eliminating gaps, and crushing inconsistency so more prospects move forward.

At the end of the Genuine Sales Process Course you will be able to:


Consistently move prospects through your sales process.


Diagnose when the desired outcome was not reached and re-engage the prospect to save the sale.


Train new sales team members quickly and efficiently.


Increase pipeline accuracy and forecasting ease by stopping the guessing game around where your prospect “is” in the process.

Your Investment

8 online modules
& 60 minutes consultation


“Being part of the Genuine Sellers Group Coaching made a big difference for my business as a financial advisor. It’s important to collaborate with others when doing a critical self-examination of where your business stands, so that you don’t become too downtrodden with all the things that need to get done or improve.”

- Ben Martinek

Learn More about Sales Pro Insider Founder and CEO, Nancy Bleeke

The Genuine Sales Process Course is created and offered by Nancy Bleeke. Nancy has studied sales for decades and wrote the gold medal winning book Conversations That Sell which has been declared a Top Sales Book of All time by Book Authority in 2018 and is a “must-read” for professional service providers around the world.

Nancy has consulted thousands of business leaders, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, to grow their sales. Thousands of Nancy’s clients have dramatically increased their revenue from implementing her sales practices and collaborative conversations framework. And because of our experience with countless professional service providers, we understand your business opportunities and challenges, and will guide you to convert more prospects into clients.