Welcome Carolina Farm Credit

Regional Managers!

This is your easy-to-access site for a few of the resources for the upcoming Genuine Coaching “Lite” training.

For Workshop 2:

  1. 1. Watch the presentation by clicking on the image for more instructions.
  2. 2. Take note of the key ideas on Page 20 in your handout.
  3. 3. Pay attention to your opportunities for coaching this week: What topics are most prevalent?


For your first Workshop, you need about 30 minutes of prep to:

  1. 1. Open up your envelope that you should receive by June 1st.
  2. 2. Add the enclosed document behind the Resources tab in your red and black Genuine Sales workbook.
  3. 3. Watch the two videos included in the Presentation below – simply click on the image for more instructions.
  4. 4. Take note of the key ideas on the referenced pages in your handout.

If you have any issues with the PowerPoint document, please contact Kevin Knight at kevin@salesproinsider.com.