Match the right person to the right job

TriMetrix™ is the Most Revolutionary and Reliable Sales Job Selection & Training System in the World!

The TriMetrix™ System Benchmarks the Specific Needs of Your Job, Assesses the Personal Talents of Your Candidates, then Matches the Best Talent to the Needs of Your Specific Job!

  • How do you decide between one candidate and another?
  • How do you know who is the RIGHT person for the job?

Each person brings their own set of unique skills, talents and competencies to the job. What happens in most organizations, though, is that the person’s abilities are not matched with the right job. The end result is poor job performance, higher employee turnover and increased customer dissatisfaction.

To match the person to the job your hiring, selection and development processes must be in sync. Many recruiters think they know how to identify the best candidates, but our system is scientific and validated. We can prove it!

The reasons traditional hiring and development practices are not working include:

  • 90% of applicants “exaggerate” to get a job
  • Most hiring decisions are made by intuition during the first few minutes of the interview
  • Two out of three hires prove to be a bad fit within the first year on the job
  • Most interviewers are not properly trained to interview applicants
  • Excellent employees are often put into the wrong jobs, failing to utilize their strengths and potential

The TriMetrix System enables you and your business to benchmark jobs and assess the talents required for superior performance.

Here’s how the efficient and effective TriMetrix™ process works:

First, we help you define and benchmark the job with the critical goals and critical results the job is accountable for producing. Then, using your stakeholder group, we generate a benchmark for the job.

The results of the benchmarking process list which of the 23 attributes are most critical for success, in order of importance. This allows you to compare applicants’ skills and abilities against those required by the job.

Second, we train your interviewers in behavior based interviewing. Your interviewers spend time learning and practicing effective and productive interviewing skills and techniques.

Last, we will help you match the talent to the job! The right talent in the right job means success! The TriMetrix system enables companies to replace common biases often involved in the selection and development process with factual data based on job requirements. Your candidates complete an easy-to-access assessment and YOU get immediate results to compare to the job benchmark.

This three-step process will help you hire right the first time! And SPI’s experts will guide you along the process.

Once you have used the process, you’ll never go back to the ‘gut’ decision way of hiring. Sales talent management and readiness has never been so easy!


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