Sales Assessment: SPQ*Gold The Sales Preference Questionnaire

Hire and Hope… sound like a familiar employee selection strategy?

Have you ever hired someone who interviewed well, looked good, sounded good and still didn’t work out?

If a person can’t sell, when would you want to find out? Before or after you hire them?

SPQ Gold is the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance – the emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote.

It’s easy for you to test sales candidates prior to ever making an offer. SPI will personally review and consult with you about the results of the assessment. We even suggest further interview questions to dive in deeper for useful pre-hire information.

SPQ Gold is also great for your existing sales team. Use it to open discussion about activity, prospecting and results. Then train your team to reduce the reluctance that keeps them from sales! SPI will help you use the assessment to build your team and results.

If your salespeople must prospect consistently for new business and /or cross-sell your current customers, there is no other assessment in the world that will help you as directly as the SPQ*Gold.

Contact our sales training company to discuss how the SPQ*Gold will help you hire and build a great sales team!


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