Genuine Sales® Makes Every Sales Conversation Count

Today’s business environment is tough. Now more than ever, buyers have more choices, information, and constraints. They also have less time, patience and money. The transparency of information available through technology means that companies and sales professionals are front and center with their reputation, mission, and products/services. To be successful, business professionals need to collaborate with the buyer in a genuine, efficient, and effective sales process.

The Genuine Sales course provides the system and tools for professionals to succeed in this environment. Using proven concepts to build habits for success, Genuine Sales builds the skill and the will to perform and achieve, allowing professionals to effectively collaborate with buyers to achieve a triple win – the Win3 – for the customer, the company, and themselves.

Genuine Sales® will help you:
  • Build a High-Performance Focus by using the right tools: WIIFT – an effective sales process, Tribal Types, Quick Prep Tool, and Success Drivers, plus accountability with group support and practice.
  • Increase Sales 5-25% in Just 8 Weeks with a proven and tested collaborative approach to selling that converts prospects into customers and identifies up-sell opportunities.
  • Advance the Sale, Improve Close Ratios, Sell Value vs. Price and Reduce Objections by making every conversation count using the WIIFT sales
  • Reduce the Fear of Prospecting as you use the principles and skills necessary to make the most effective sales presentations.
  • Consistently Achieve Sales and Revenue Goals with clear, specific written business and personal goals.
  • Improve Customer Relations and Customer Loyalty by building rapport through value focused and collaborative selling.
Genuine Sales® Tools

The WIIFT sales system is the roadmap to make every conversation count. The system is introduced and reinforced throughout the Genuine Sales course.

WIIFT is the 5-step sales system and WiifT is the philosophy of collaborative selling.  It’s an acronym for What’s In It For Them. This ‘What’s in it for Them’ philosophy is necessary through EACH step of the conversation.  When the conversation is about THEM, it is truly collaborative and achieves the Win3.

You’ll first learn the system and begin to use the tools during four interactive virtual sessions which introduce and start the application and habit building process. Covered in these sessions:

Skill Components:

  • The WIIFT System, Wait, Initiate, Investigate, Facilitate, Then Consolidate
  • Tribal Types Communication Model
  • The Power of Preparation

Will Components:

  • Success Drivers
  • Self-Assessment with the Sales Survey
  • Setting Targets with Goal Planning

The Workshop is followed by 7 weekly, 90-minute virtual Reinforcers:

  • Reinforcer One: Strengthen Your Core
  • Reinforcer Two: Initiate
  • Reinforcer Three: Investigate
  • Reinforcer Four:    Facilitate, Presenting Your Solution
  • Reinforcer Five:           Facilitate, Negotiation
  • Reinforcer Six: Then Consolidate
  • Reinforcer Seven: Celebrate

Each component in the course is designed to develop higher levels of skill and will. The process allows you to individualize the actions in a genuine way that leads to building stronger trust, collaboration, and sales!

Genuine Sales® Participant License Includes:

  • Course Workbook for all sessions
  • Assessments for pre- and post-training
  • Pocket Guide
  • Tribal Types, Quick Prep, Goal Planner and Success Drivers Tools
  • Website access to on-line tools, relevant reading selections and audio messages
  • Certificate of Achievement
Why Genuine Sales Works

Long-term habits and sales results are built because the course includes Skill and Will Components.

Relevant information partnered with effective tools are delivered, and emotional competencies that drive application are strengthened.  The willingness to take action is what provides results.

Skill Components

  • The roadmap from the beginning to the closing of every conversation – WIIFT sales system.
  • Tribal Types® a communication model and how to work with them
  • Quick Prep Tool to expedite the power of proper preparation
  • 4 Point Investigate Model to ask the right questions that advance sales and upsell opportunities
  • An effective strategy for working through objections that opens the conversation to further opportunity and a more solid relationship
  • Value focused recommendations using Whats to WiifTs (features to benefits) rather than product/service demonstrations
  • Advancing and closing the sale with the Decision Readiness Check at the end of each conversation to stop the assumptions and chase the follow unproductive ends of conversations
Will Components

The Success Drivers are “what it takes” for long-term sales success. The Drivers are the engine that propels a person to implement and use the skills and tools. Top performers and productive business owners possess strong Success Drivers.

The four Drivers:
  1. Integrated Beliefs – the who, what and why beliefs that impact activities and results.
  2. Goal Transparency – having written, clear and visible goals.
  3. Initiative – self-directed energy given to what is most important every day.
  4. Emotional Intelligence– understanding how their own emotions impact actions.
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