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Equipping You to Make Each Conversation Count

Starts September 27


8:30 AM

Registration Deadline

Friday, September 15

Time Left to Register

Course Details

September 27 & 28

Starting October 13

Location: Citizen's Bank New Berlin, WI

Live Sales Training Without
The Time and Expense of Travel

We've done it! Designed the sales training course that is virtual, live, group-based and interactive to help you:

  • Develop the Skill and Will to make every sales conversation count
  • Build trust and relationships that earn you lifelong customers and referrals
  • Stop discounting and offering concessions needlessly
  • Gain commitments and actions every time

You don't have to be the slick, fast-talking sales "guy" no one wants to be around.

Genuine Sales equips you to take best practices, helpful tools, and effective frameworks and make them your own.

That's how genuine and collaborative selling works-you are your best, prepared you leading your buyers through their decision making process, conversation by conversation.

What will you discover, practice, and use?

  • The five step sales system for consistent and repeatable sales success
  • The four "Tribes" of buyers and how to best communicate with them to easily build trust
  • Success tools that save time and trial and error
  • The Success Drivers every sales professional needs to succeed
  • Your personal strengths and opportunities for sales success
  • Drive the information into success habits as you participate in 7 additional once-a-week group teleconference discussions

All this from the comfort of your office or home.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Your facilitator leads you (and your group) through activities and discussions to help you make the concepts and models work for you.
  • You'll leave each session with specific actions you can put into action immediately.
  • We use webcams so you can develop relationships within the group and "see" and hear each other to better communicate.

It's an effective and efficient process to help YOU strengthen your conversations and reap the rewards of more sales, stronger customer relationships, and less stress!

Here are some sample quotes from others who have completed the course:

I am using the Quick Prep tool for 90% of pre-scheduled sales calls. I share the Quick Prep tool with whomever else I am working on the account with be it a WW employee or Business Partner. They all LOVE it

Des Moines

This sales training will have a huge impact on my sales career. It helps me be more organized, focused, prepared, engaged, aware and conscientious of my reactions to questions and objections and it taught me to create goals and focus on them regularly to make sure I am on track.


This ten week course is so powerful that 99% of participants make back the investment in themselves before the end of the course.

You'll learn and use powerful and practical strategies and tools for communicating and helping buyers make confident buying decisions.

The Genuine Sales course is normally $2,995, but this email is your VIP invitation, and if you register by August 15th, we'll discount your enrolment by $500.

Your sales will soar as your competence and confidence does.

P.S. Do you want more details on exactly what is included in this game-changing course? Click here