Do you know why your last three buyers chose you over the competition? Do you know why you weren’t chosen for the last three losses? How much of these results are due to YOU, to your energy? Too often we get stuck in the mode of doing and don’t think about why we are winning/losing. Today’s post from Lynn Zimmer of the Sales Pro Insider, Inc. team addresses this topic.

Why Did They Choose You?

I encourage you to think about why someone should choose you over the competition.  Is it perhaps that you were energized aka enthusiastic/passionate about what you do?  My guess is that being drained, “burnt out” or exhausted didn’t make your list…”

I recently facilitated a session on “Energizing Your Workplace – The Fish Philosophy” and there was a great discussion on what “energizes us” and what “drains us” and the impact our energy level has on people around us.

The Fish Philosophy” is based on “catching the energy and releasing the potential” and has 4 steps:

    • Be there
    • Choose Your Attitude
    • Make Their Day
    • Play

Take a moment today to:

BE THERE – physically and mentally (stop multi-tasking!)

CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE –  Who do you want to be?

    • Spectator with neutral attitude
    • Critic with negative attitude or
    • Player with positive attitude

MAKE THEIR DAY – go beyond being pleasant, be memorable

PLAY – Lighten up, tap into your “inner child” and remember, if you’re going to laugh about it later, why not laugh about it now?

 Make it easy for your prospects and customers to choose YOU.

 “There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.”

The Fish Philosophy

 For more information on the Fish Philosophy, click here. (The What is Fish video is only 1.39 M).

Thanks Lynn for a great reminder. Readers, what do you do to keep yourself energized so your buyers choose YOU?