Nancy Bleeke Noël, with XYPN LIVE, invites you to:

Collaborative Conversations That Convert

XYPN Live Pre-Conference 2024 | October 15, 2024 | 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Collaborative Conversations That Convert

Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Convert

Do you love the “sales” part of your business? Maybe, maybe not. Too many advisors don’t.

So, let’s dispel many of the negative myths around sales and focus on ethical and collaborative conversations that sell!

Thousands of advisors have adopted a collaborative selling approach, now you can join me for a mini course of collaborative sales skills to learn the key basics.

I’m culling the 12-week Genuine Sales course into the “highlight reel” that will provide you with practical and actionable how-tos for leading productive, sales conversations that convert.

$349 including the Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors book

Elevate Your Mindset and Skillset for “Sales”

Adopt and adapt the best practices, proven strategies, and easy-to-use selling tools successfully adopted by thousands of advisors who strive to build their firm with genuine, ethical, and helpful processes.

Bonus! All participants will receive a copy of the NEW Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors book – to be released Fall 2024!

Topic Outline**:

The Winning Formula to Growth – Win3

  • The goal of successful selling
  • The components to achieve the winning outcomes for all involved

Collaborative Selling: What it is and why it makes a difference for you and Them!

  • Dispel the negativity around sales

Collaborative Selling: The How-tos** for leading productive sales conversations (tentative list of key skills, the amount of time and focus on specific skills will be determined by vote as explained in ** under the Join Me button)

  • - Starting conversations that build trust and earn forward movement
  • - Framing the questions that surface their “story”
  • - Explaining value instead of process and details
  • - Working through objections – no overcoming or handling needed
  • - Increasing commitment and decision making
  • - Setting expectations, the key to less follow-up and chase
  • - Identifying and adapting to the customs of your prospects

Action Time!  

Please note: There will be approximately 60 minutes of pre-work so we can maximize your time on application in the workshop.

Will you join me for this half-day workshop?

$349 including Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors book

**Why tentative? We’re crowdsourcing the final agenda! We will invite all who register by August 1st to participate in a survey to determine the final skillset focus and what we’ll put the most emphasis on!

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Meet Nancy Bleeke Noël

Like many of you, Nancy left the comfort of a “regular” job to launch a consulting firm, Sales Pro Insider Inc.

While she’s always been entrepreneurial, finding a passion in sales was never the plan. Who would ever want to be “in sales”? she thought. Yet, she found her calling helping people who also never saw themselves in sales—succeed in selling!

With a focus on making conversations productive for everyone involved, her Genuine® branded training courses have guided financial professionals to sell, serve, and give value for more than 20 years.

Many financial professionals have increased their skills, processes, and confidence in selling, leading to increased conversion rates, sometimes by more than 50% in 12 short weeks. How? With proven best practices, systems, tools, and accountability.

Her book, Conversations That Sell, is named as a top sales book of all time! And Conversations That Sell for Financial Advisors is coming Fall 2024!

Nancy is a Wisconsinite transplanted in southern Florida. She enjoys time with her adult children and enjoying photography, hiking, the water, reading, and as much time outdoors as possible.