If you work with people, you know that the way you experience the conversation, details, and the solution is often different than theirs. What you think is a wow may be very different than what they do. What you find interesting or valuable may leave them yawning.

Too often I hear sellers, managers, and customer service people say, “Well, I explain it how it makes sense to me.” Or, “I treat everyone the way I want to be treated.”

Pause right there.

Wow-face1What? It’s great if you know how you want to be treated in the buying process, with your follow-up, and with the whole experience. But don’t get caught thinking that is going to wow your buyer.

You need to understand what makes a wow experience for your buyers. It starts with the easy stuff: their style and communication preferences. In fact we have found this a critical foundational selling behavior and knowing and using our  Tribal Types model is always listed as one of the top two benefits from our training courses.

But there’s more to the buyer’s experience than that.

We need to:

  • Look at things the way they do
  • Talk about the things important to them
  • Research them, their company, and industry
  • Move through the selling process in ways that are comfortable for them

Want to give your buyer’s a wow experience that makes them come back for more? Pause what you currently do and objectively look at every part of your selling process from the buyer’s viewpoint.

Start with the materials you use and keep reviewing until you dissect your own conversations as well. Even with great prep and resources, if the conversation isn’t focused on Them, you do complicate their experience. Complications and confusion kill sales fast.

Better yet, if you want to REALLY know -ask your current customers a few questions:

  1. Why do they do business with you?
  2. What made them to decide from you the first time?
  3. What do they want from a sales pro or vendor?
  4. What can you do to make working with you better for them?

These first hand responses will be eye-opening and most likely confirm much of what you are doing is great, but I bet you’ll find a few things you can do different.

Sales managers – is this type of review a regular part of your team’s efforts? If not, why not test it out? It may be just the information you need to ensure you hit 2013 sales goals (and set up for 2014!)

When you work through your selling process (and every conversation in it) with a focus on what is important from your buyer’s viewpoint, it captures their attention, helps them make quicker decisions, and becomes a Wow!

Wow experiences lead to repeatable business, referrals, and a very happy manager.

Your Turn! How do you ensure your buyers are wow’ed? Share your comments and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of Conversations That Sell.