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Did you listen to Shawn Tydlaska and Alan Moore dicuss how Shawn went from 0 to 38 clients in 12 months on the XYPN Radio Podcast

Shawn has started his RIA and put in the mental and physical time and effort to ramp up quickly.

We’re proud that part of that success was because of Nancy Bleeke’s work with Shawn. What made it work was that Shawn measured his results, identified he wasn’t happy with them, and sought the resources, training, and tools to help.

Then…he put in the hard work to make it his own and kept measuring his results to know what worked, and what didn’t. 

Shawn adjusted not only his sales process, he changed the dynamic in his sales conversations with prospects. 

Sales conversations, when approached with the right preparation, focus, and motivation, help prospects get what they need, and let your small business thrive.

If you are ready to become more succesful in your sales efforts. I’ve a few free resources to help you!

  1. Our blog offers helpful tips and strategies for sales.
  2. My book, Conversations That Sell, outlines the why, what, and how to productive sales conversations.
  3. For XYPN members, a FREE 15-minute sales strategy conversation focused on you and your business.

At Sales Pro Insider, we support you in building your fee-only financial advisory firm.

P.S. If you’d like to listen to the podcasts I recorded with Alan Moore, check out Episodes 41 and 89 on the XYPN Radio Podcast.

Nancy Bleeke

ā€ˇPresident and Chief Sales Officer,
Sales Pro Insider