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Did you listen to Kyle Moore of Quarry Hill Advisors and Alan Moore of XYPN discuss how Kyle converted 11 of 11 prospects on the XYPN Radio Podcast?

Kyle has had an impressive start to his RIA, not because of “luck” as some would like to believe, but because of his realization he didn’t want to burn through more of his hard earned leads. 

We’re proud that part of Kyle’s success is because of his commitment to investing in himself and figuring out WHAT he should be doing in his sales conversations and HOW he should do it.

Kyle identified his sales process and adjusted his focus during the conversations with prospects – to focus on Them more than himself. He specifically discusses how he accomplishes this around 44:30 minutes into the podcast. 

Sales conversations, when approached with the right preparation, focus, and motivation, help prospects get what they need, and let your small business thrive.

It’s Your Turn!

You can start your path toward increased effectiveness with a FREE 30-minute sales strategy conversation focused on you and your business.

During our 30-minutes together, we’ll focus on a specific problem, challenge, or opportunity that is holding you back from the success you deserve. You’ll provide information to me in advance so i can best prepare -which is key to a successful conversation!

You’ll leave our conversation with at least one specific action that will make a difference. (Most people leave with 3, but I’ll guarantee 1!)

At Sales Pro Insider, we support you dedicated financial advisors in building your financial advisory firm.

P.S. If you’d like to listen to the podcasts I personally recorded with Alan Moore, check out Episodes 41 and 89 on the XYPN Radio Podcast.

Nancy Bleeke

‎President and Chief Sales Officer,
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