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Did you see the post on the Gong.io site where I discussed connecting all you do in your sales conversation to what’s in it for Them (your buyer?).

I hope you found the tips on collaborative sales conversations valuable.

We share Gong’s passion for productive conversations. Sales conversations, when approached with the right tone and motivation, help prospects get what they need, and small business thrive.

To help you prepare and be most effective in those conversations where concerns or objections are raised, we have a FREE mini e-course to share how to Collaboratively Work Through Objections. It’s available right now below.

What You Get in the FREE Ecourse

I’ve packed the 7 lessons with the elements needed to get your mind and mouth synced to hear and work through objections to:

  • Set up a winning strategy to work through objections
  • Stop discounting too soon
  • Keep open ears and an open mind for more sales opportunities that often surround an objection

Each of the 7 lessons include a short video introducing the topic with examples and a downloadable worksheet for a 5-minute application…which is where the real value comes to play.

By the end of the course, you (or your team) will have a handy resource document which prepares them to not only work through objections, but to turn those pesky objections, strong concerns, or challenging questions into opportunities to save the sale and increase its value for you and the buyer.

How To Collaboratively Work Through Objections Video Course

Have questions? Please feel free to contact me at nancy@salesproinsider.com or use this handy scheduling link for a free sales strategy session www.calendly.com/nancybleeke

While you’re here, make sure to look around the site to learn more and see the newest resources that can help you close more sales.


Nancy Bleeke

ā€ˇPresident and Chief Sales Officer,
Sales Pro Insider

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