How to Speak Your Buyer’s “Language” to Convert More Leads

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Nancy Bleeke

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Conversations with buyers convert leads to clients easily when you focus on the information exchange needed to gain confident decisions...

You learn about their problems, opportunities, wants, and needs (POWNs). They learn about how your product or service can address those POWNs. And with that discovery, trust, the right price point in place, they get a solution and you get a new customer or client!

The exchange is much easier when you know the "language" to communicate in. That's why we're sharing this FREE and virtual training workshop:

How to Speak Your Buyer's "Language" to Convert More Leads

Here's what we'll cover in this 50 minute virtual training:

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    1 master key for speaking the same language as your buyers that makes it easy for you to connect and convert them to clients
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    2 powerful and free tools so you can easily use the Tribal Knowledge (its great as a party trick too)
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    3 clues you must pay attention to so you build trust quickly, gain attention, and get them what they need to make a buying decision
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    4 easy-to-remember Tribal Types you'll be able to spot quickly in your conversations

Understanding how to identify and adjust your communication is critical to successful and collaborative conversations. It will also help you convert leads quicker, create a better experience, and grow your sales!

You don't have to try to second guess, out maneuver, or trick prospects into sharing information. When you communicate with them in their language, the information will flow easier and you'll both get the outcome you seek: them a solution and you new customers or clients.

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